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Saturday Seven (on Monday)

February 14, 2011

1. I watched this interview between Michelle Obama & Matt Lauer the other day. I don’t take in a lot of news or politics so I have not heard many interviews with her. I’ll be totally honest and tell you I found the link because of a blogger mentioning that the First Lady wore a $34 dress from H&M during the interview.  I just wanted to see her outfit. I really have no comments on what she said but, oh my goodness, Matt Lauer is annoying.

2. D went to the Desiring God Pastor’s conference a couple weeks ago and was able to hear Francis Chan (among many others) speak. He picked up these for the boys and even got one of them signed by the author. Super cool.

3. D2 had his Valentine’s Day party at school on Friday (I’m not sure why it isn’t today). He had to write his name on 25 valentines in order to pass them out to his classmates and teachers. On Thursday evening, when we were trying to get the last few done, he sighed and said, “I wish I didn’t have so many friends.

I bought printable valentines on Etsy this year.

4. At last week’s appointment with our adoption worker, we found out that the boys adoption could be completed as early as June! I’m really excited for this possibility. I have been hoping that things would be complete by September so we could enroll D in kindergarten with his new last name.

5. The worker also asked us what we planned to name the boys. We are keeping their first names the same but changing their middle and last. We had not talked about it enough to be able to give her an answer last week but it is fun coming up with some ideas.

6. In case you need something else to occupy your time, ladies, let me introduce you to Everybody, Everwear. The pick a clothing item each month and bloggers post pictures of the outfits they come up with. You can link-click your heart out. Enjoy!

7. I popped into Whole Foods yesterday (a store I kind of hate but is a necessary evil for some gluten-free staples) . The peppy cashier asked me, “Do you have any fun plans for tomorrow?” My thought: “What? Why does she want to know about my Monday? Oh, its Valentine’s Day.” Needless to say, Valentine’s Day was not at the forefront of my mind. I figured I better do something for the boys (all three of them) and, luckily, there were Girl Scouts selling cookies outside the Walgreen’s next to Whole Foods. Two boxes, wrapped in red tissue paper. Done. And, yes, I did let my kids eat cookies for breakfast this morning.

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