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February 20, 2013

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Guest Post at My Mid-Century Modern Life

February 4, 2013

A few years ago, I became fast friends with Martina at My Mid-Century Modern Life after she contacted me through our blog about becoming foster parents. She asked me to write a guest post over there. I decided to write about older child adoption in pop culture.

One of the strangest comments we ever received when we were getting ready to become foster parents was a recommendation by someone to watch the movie, Orphan. Yes, the horror movie about a nine-year old adoptee who terrorizes her new parents. The person thought it would serve as a cautionary tale for us. We never got around to watching it.

Click here to read the rest. And check out Martina’s awesome blog (and see their new and amazing house!)


The Contrarian & the Enthusiast

January 23, 2013

I’m trying to be better about writing things down (thus, three blog posts recently after a year of very few).

I’m getting better about adding the kid’s quotes to their blog. I think the two most recent ones pretty much sum up the boys’ personalities.


Our MLK Jr. Day

January 22, 2013

Yesterday, we had the pleasure of spending a day off as a family. I wanted to take the kids to The Henry Ford Museum for Martin Luther King Jr. Day. The museum is the home of the Rosa Parks bus and a great exhibit on freedom and liberty. And, thanks to Target, admission was free!


I surprised myself a bit by how emotional I got walking through the Civil Rights exhibit. We were explaining some things to the boys as we walked by and I was impressed by how much they already knew from school. The exhibit has two drinking fountains and my six-year old read the word “colored” off of one of them. We explained how people had to drink from different drinking fountains depending on their skin color. It struck me that sixty-years ago, my daughter would have lived a much more privileged life than my sons. I was humbled by the fact that if not for the efforts of MLK Jr. and many others, we may not have the family we have today. Our family lives in peace today because of people who were a voice for justice.

I have many hopes for my children. I want them to love Jesus and know that God loves them. I want them to put others before themselves. I so hope our children will grow up to be a voice against injustice. I hope that when they see the oppressed and weary around them, they will speak up. I hope we are setting that example for them in the way that we live. I came away from MLK Jr. Day with a deeper desire to speak up because sixty years ago someone did that on our boys’ behalf and I’m forever grateful.

Parenthood (the rest of the season)

January 17, 2013

Let’s hear it for random blogging.

The Braverman’s have really been through a lot this season, amiright? 

We watched Tuesday’s nights episode a day late and I’m sad to see Mark Cyr seems to be back in the picture. I really have a hard time with this guy. Maybe it is the mustache-like thing on his face. Oh well, I have a feeling those two are destined to be together.


I’m mostly invested in the story-line with Julia, Joel, Victor and Sydney this season. I think Crosby may have saved the day in this past episode. Each week, I find myself wanting to recommend so many books and methods and therapies to this family. I think Julia’s had unrealistic expectations for Victor. It is hurtful when our kids don’t fall in love with us immediately (in foster care/adoption) and it is hard when the feelings we expect to have ourselves don’t show up the way we thought they would. I empathize with her so much. I want to grab coffee and tell her, “It will get better. Just hang in there!” I’ve long-learned that it is wrong to expect realistic situations out of TV shows but I think they have done a pretty good job with this issue.

I don’t really know what to say about Drew & Amy except that it made me very sad. I was sad that Drew didn’t really get a choice. I was sad that Amy felt she had no other option. I was sad that their parents were so unaware of what was happening with their kids.

This season is ending up being a very short one and I think that is doing a lot of disservice to Kristina’s story-line. I don’t think they are doing justice to the reality of cancer.

Final quick thoughts…

  • Loved the hilarious dialogue about puberty with Zeke, Camille, Max and Kristina a few weeks ago
  • Loving Amber’s hair recently (and I love her and Ryan together – hope that all resolves)
  • Will we ever see Haddie again?