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Frequently Asked Questions about Foster Care and Adoption

A great post from on Correct Adoption Language.

From Dr. Russell Moore: Don’t Adopt

Why Fost-Adopt? Adopt from Where You Feel Led

FAQ 1: Are you not able to have children?

FAQ 2: Don’t you want your own children?

FAQ 3: I could never do that – I would get too attached. (More good thoughts on this statement here.)

FAQ 4: What do you have to do to become a foster parent?

FAQ 5: Why are kids in foster care?

FAQ 6: Most foster parents are just in it for the money, right?

FAQ 7: What kind of kids are you going to get?

FAQ 8: How did you become intersted in adoption?

FAQ 9: Will the birth parents still be involved?

FAQ 10: What is a home study?

FAQ 11: When do you get your kid(s)? Are you excited?

FAQ 12: Seriously, when are you getting your kid(s)?

FAQ 13: What should we call your kids? What do you kids call you?

FAQ 14: What happened? Why were they taken away?

FAQ 15: How do you feel about them? Do you love them?

FAQ 16: What happens to all their stuff?

FAQ 17: Can you change their names?

FAQ 18: How do the boys feel about being adopted?

FAQ 19: What is the adoption process like?

FAQ 20: Can you share pictures of the kids now?

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