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Quick Update: CPR & Crib

November 25, 2009

V (our licensing worker) called me on Monday to give us an update on our paperwork.  Turns out, there are a few more things we need to get done before it all gets sent to Lansing.

1. We need to be trained in CPR. We knew we had to do this but thought we had a few weeks to get it done. Thankfully (for a price) it can be done online.

2. We need a crib! We had told her we had easy access to a crib (my mom has one) but in order for the state to license us for infants V needs to come over one more time and see a crib set up at our house. A little weird and fun to see this:

We could have taken the crib from my mom but figured we would need to get one eventually anyway. Thanks to my obsession with Ohdeedoh, I already had one picked out and it converts to a toddler bed so I’m sure it will be useful. Plus I needed to take a trip to IKEA anyway to return the item I accidentally stole a few months ago (it was stuck to something else that I purchased).

So, one more visit from V next week and we really will be on our way.

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