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Taking a Break (Vacation 2009)

August 13, 2009

We returned home late Friday night from our Washington D.C./Virginia vacation. This was a trip we have been anticipating for quite a while. We had planned to go last summer but changed our plans so we could go out west to meet our newborn niece.

When we arrived in DC late on Friday night, our hotel informed us that they were overbooked but would be paying for us to stay two doors down at a very nice hotel. I LOVE free things so I was not going to complain about the slight inconvenience.

We spent Saturday, Sunday and Monday morning touring the nation’s capital. It was my idea to go to DC and D was amused by this since I am somewhat, okay, very cynical about American politics. We toured the Capitol, National Gallery of Art and the National Museum of American History. All these tours were free and, again, I love free. D was disappointed that the FBI was no longer doing tours but we did get to visit the International Spy Museum. It was very cool but very crowded.


On Sunday morning, we visited National Community Church, which meets in several theaters in the DC area. It is always interesting to see how other churches work. We also visited the church’s coffee house, Ebeneezer’s.

But the highlight of our time in DC was our night bike tour of the monuments. I had a blast riding a bike around DC and hearing about each of the monuments on the National Mall. Dan was not so enthused about wearing the bright orange safety vest but I think he still had a good time.

After a stop at Georgetown and Arlington National Cemetery, we headed toward the mountains to our bed & breakfast in Staunton, Virginia. D had found The Inn at Old Virginia online a few months ago and it is adorable. Eve, the owner, was such a wonderful hostess. She directed us to nearby small town and made a great dinner recommendation where we ate southern BBQ. We had a wonderful breakfast the next morning. You really can’t beat southern hospitality. We headed out after breakfast to hike Sharp Top. We were a little surprised at how challenging the hike was but the view from the top was worth it.

After finishing our hike, we drove down to Roanoke to spend the next few days with the Evanses. This was truly the real highlight of the entire trip. Charlie and D became friends at Moody when they recorded a rap song together. I believe the song was called T-Roys Wack and was apparently a big hit on the Moody campus. I’m sure Dan can get you a copy if you are interested.
Anyway, D and Charlie have kept in touch since college-days. Gretchen (Charlie’s wife) and I have been “blog-friends” but it was so nice to meet both of them in real life finally. Charlie and Gretchen have two of the most adorable boys (Sammy and Eli) I have ever seen and we had so much fun with them over the few days we were there.

We had a great time talking with them and learning more about the ministry that they are pursuing. They were wonderful hosts and showed us around Roanoke. It was just a blessing to be around them, people who truly love God and love others. Thanks, Evanses!
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  1. Rachel permalink
    August 13, 2009 9:21 pm

    It made me laugh to think that Dan= rap. Glad to see you had a great vacation!

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